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      I'm sure that this has been answered in prior years, but I'm just coming back to my Panasonic PV-DV953 to try and preserve some of the tapes that I have recorded over the years and get the content to DVDs and disk files.

      The instruction manual mentions that I can use the USB output to capture content. One comment I saw somehwere on the net mentioned that information coming through the USB interface would be in MPEG4 format, but nowhere in the manual does it expressly say that the content would not be fully intact from the tape, i.e., not compressed. I understand that the processing power of the camera might not be enough to take the data off the tape and output it to the USB interface fast enough, but I'd like someone knowledgeable (if h/she exits) who might know more. The PV-DV953 is a consumer Pani camera, high-end consumer of about 2003. Mine still works, but I haven't used it for years. Tested some tapes, still fine. Now that I'm older, I would like to get the content onto something that relatives/friends could watch. I'm sure you understand.

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      I'm not really familiar with that particular model of camcorder, but I'm almost certain that  DV camcorder (like all other DV camcorders of that era) uses Firewire and not USB to download the video to a computer.  The USB port is probably used to download still images.  Most computers these days do not come with Firewire inputs, however you can purchase a Firewire card for around $20 and easily install it in a blank slot on a desktop computer, or find someone with an older computer.  The nice thing about editing DV format is you do not require as much 'horsepower', that is to say you don't need a multi-core high speed CPU to edit it as you do with HD.


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      I can confirm that it is video via Firewire. Back then, USB wasn't fast enough for video. USB gives access to the SD card for stills. 

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