Mini-DV Audio Volume After Capture?

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      I have recored some footage on a DV camera which has no audio sensitivity settings. The volume of sound seemed fine on playback in the camera. However, when I imported the footage into my Mac (Adobe Premiere) the sound had all but disappeared. When you click the arrow by the audio file to view the audio wave you can see there is hardly any wave. It’s practically a flatline with a few little bumps on it.

      When I rendered it as a Quicktime Movie and played it back on my computer the sound was all but gone. You have to turn the computer up to maximum to hear anything! To begin with I thought the audio was completely missing from the video until I happened to try turning the volume on the computer right up, and lo and behold there it was, very quiet with the computer volume up to maximum!

      Does any one know the reason for this. The sound is perfectly loud enough to hear when you play it back on the video camera? which is a Panasonic NV-GS280. Thanks.

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      You need to “Normalize” your audio. I know in Vegas Pro you can right click on the audio track and select the Normalize option in the pop-up menu. But I’m not sure how to do it in AP. If you can find the option to normalize your audio, you’ll be able to get your full audio track back to a listenable volume.

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      I don’t know Premiere, but you should be able to normalize in Adobe Audition. If you don’t have that at hand, download Audacity, a free audio utility that works wonders. After normalizing you’ll probably have a great deal of noise in the signal, which happens anytime the source signal is weak. Use Noise Reduction to identify and minimize the background noise. Use very small sampling of the background noise — a couple of seconds only.

      Work slowly and check often to be certain you’re not removing voice frequencies along with the background noise.

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