MII & S-VHS poduction gear: what to do with it?

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      Hi everyone,

      I work for a chain of thrift-shops (non-profit) in Belgium, and someone just brought in a bunch of older video editing equipment.
      Instead of recycling it for scrap, I was wondering whether there was still a market for this stuff, and that's how I found this forum.

      The units are:
      – JVC KR-M545E (MII VTR)
      – JVC KR-M840E (MII VTR)
      – Panasonic AU-62 (MII player)
      – JVC BR-S622E (S-VHS VTR)
      – JVC BR-S810E (S-VHS VTR)
      – JVC RM-G860E (A/B roll editing controller)

      The units are in good condition, and that's why I thought it was a pity to scrap them.

      Has anyone some idea what we could do with this?

      TIA for any feedback,

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      I'd put it on eBay. It's going to have SOME value, but you might need a national or international platform to sell it (or give it away for that matter).


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      If it is in good condition then do not throw it in scrap better option is to sell.


      Best Regards


      Little Rose

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      Hi, I've been trawling the web looking for MII and S-VHS gear for our film archive – do you, by some miracle, still have this equipment or has it gone (as I imagine it has, three months after your first question)




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      Hi Kevin I should be able to help you with professional SVHS gear (camera, vtr, audio recorder) for your archive. Post your contact info and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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      This my work email is kmg23@cam.ac.uk – I run a small film, photo and paper archive at the University of Cambridge. All I need is a way to playback vhs tapes with an s-video output, so I can digitise them, so I don't need a full load of production gear.
      If you have any suggestions about where I can get hold of an MII player, then I would be for ever grateful. I am also looking buy other older format machines – I am on the search for a Sony AV3420ce (or a 3620 or 3670), for example and a Umatic player as well, but am rather against the idea of taking a gamble on whatever I can find on ebay.
      Any help you can provide, gratefully received.
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      Hello James

      Do you still have an MII player? My email: prof@abronsius.net

      Thank you for your answer.

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      Estoy interesado en el MII (VTR)

      Quiero saber si aun esta disponible o ya lo has vendido.

      Gracias por su respuesta.


      I am interested in the MII (VTR) 
      Let me know if still available or have sold already. 
      Thanks for your reply.


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