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      I am buying my first equipament to make videos for a journalism website.

      I need a MIC.

      Between the 3 models below, which is better cost benefit:

      Seenheiser MKE-600
      Rode NTG-2
      Rode NTG-4+

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      I would go with the MKE-600. The reviews (see B&H for example) for the NTG-2 are not very good, poor enough to discourage me from buying it at any price.


      The NTG4+ looks good but I don't like the fact that it has an internal rechargeable battery that takes two hours to recharge. Otherwise, however, it looks o.k.


      The Senheiser is a good solid mike, heir to a long like of similar mikes.


      Before I bought either the MKE-600 or the NTG4+, however, I would record some audio with each to hear the nature  of the sound you'r recording. Mikes are very different; some are very crisp and "clean," others mellow and "rich." I have a Senheiser and an AudioTechnica, for example, and the timbre of each is quite different from the other. I might use one for a one-on-one interview in someone's office, the other for recording an interview on a factory floor.

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      What do you need them to do? Also factor in the windshield components – this can make a very big difference to the cost calculations. The sound difference between them is subtle, not earth shattering. It can be important, but without knowing what you will be recording it's difficult to be absolute.

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