Mic for recording into ipad video?

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      I don’t think I posted correctly my first post attempt.

      We are recording multiple speakers in a big room at church with no sound board. We have an iPad and a tripod with a mount. I just need to figure out an audio solution. Some of our speakers are speaking publicly for the very first time and wave a handheld around so much I can barely fix the levels in FCPX.

      Our current setup is a wireless over the ear mic that has a receiver that plugs into a channel on the church’s mixing board (Behringer X32). The camera has XLR connections on a handle the get audio from the same board. To keep our downloadable mp3 files smaller, I export audio tracks as mp3 from the FCPX projects. I open in Audacity and combine the two mono tracks into one and downsample to 22 kHz, then I export into another mp3 file at 96 kbs. They come out at about 50-60 MBs for 78 minutes of audio.

      Can anyone recommend an appropriate over the ear headset mic that either has a receiver that plugs in to the lightning port of an iPad or a bluetooth option? Our priority is reliability over high quality audio, as we are recording “talking heads” essentially.

      The woman I work for prefers the over-the-ear headset mic as the students (and some of our speakers) when they speak move around a lot and she doesn’t want the line noise a lav would pick up from cloths and arms and such. She has used them in the past and hates them.

      Thanks so much,

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      Not sure why it wants me to comment on my own unpublished post.

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