“memory effect” issue for new laptop battery

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      hello, everyone,

       I got a new laptop battery from this website: http://www.batteryselling.com/hp-pavilion-dv2000-battery-6-cell-5200mah-10-8v.html, and i have been told that the new battery was supposed to fix the "memory effect". In other words, i should let my battery fully discharge at least once a week before re-charging it. But google informs me that lithium batteries do not suffer from the memory problem.  So, whether should i do as what they said? On the other hand, i have heard that full discharge/recharge cycles were good for nickel batteries, they reduce the life of lithium ones.  OH, which saying is more reasonable, i have no idea….

      Any help will be greatly appreciatted here, thanks advanced!!

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      My HP laptop battery died after 14 months of non-use. The battery place I bought a new one from suggested I run it down once a month. 6 months later it`s still like new so I`m willing to believe Li-ion advantages are not quite as advertised!

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