matching Audio in 44.1 to Canon video in 59.9 frame rate?

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Hi guys,
I need help!
I'm a musician and I filmed a student of mine playing to a song in the background. I was using a Canon Power Shot S3is. I was using 320/60 video parameters. Now I'm trying to add the original song to back up the audio of the video, but it doesn't match. Both audios are in 44.1 Hrz. 
I'm using Premiere to edit the video and Logic to edit audio. I have a mac.
I've tried changing the audio to 48 Hrz and it didn't help.
Do I need to change the video setting? how do I do that?
Thanks in advance!!


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Dagan, how far off are you? I have found that if you are using a master audio, live performances rarely match up, they will usually be off by a second or two. You may need to slice and dice and add some b-roll to help with the video.

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"  Both audios are in 44.1 Hrz. "

Not sure I understand this statement . . .


So you were shooting video of a lipsync performance to a CD? . .  and you imported the CD sound into your session? . . .  and it won't sync up to the performance reference audio? . . . . This sounds like the classic sample rate mismatch 44.1K CD vs 48K, standard video sample rate.


It sounds to me like you'd need to do a sample rate conversion of the CD audio.


Rick Crampton