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      Hello guys!


      I'm a bit of a newcomer to Sony Platinum 12 and I was wondering how you mask. When I mean masking I only mean the basic kind of masking where you can have a picture over the face of the person in the video: for example a face of a sad panda overlaying Jeremy Springer's head while he's talking or a star trek fight where the protagonist has a lol face over his head or something along those lines. That kind of masking.


      If you have any knowledge on this type of editing and how to do it please let me know by posting on this thread.




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      Only Vegas Pro has true masking capabilities.

      To do what you want, you'd need to bring your picture into Photoshop or other paint program, cut out what you don't want (i.e. making it transparent) and then saving it in a format that supports transparent backgrounds (PSD, PNG, TGA).

      Bring that into Vegas , place it on a track above your video and use pan/crop to shrink it to size and move it around.



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      though i will admit Vegas is "Cute" editing program being one notch below adobe. you may to check to see if there are any free tutorials on youtube……..HITFILM ULTIMATE RULES!

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      Ah, thank you!

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