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      I am putting together a bid on a project for footage that’s already shot. I’d like to hear from others about what they might charge for a similar project.

      The project is editing 6 videos – each segment to be edited, was filmed with 2 cameras.

      Each video captured a different presentation with multiple people moving around and talking in a room.

      3 of the videos are to be 5 minutes long.
      These are basically cutting from one camera to another, in real time, with no “cutting out of time” because we’re filming a presentation that lasts 5 minutes, so they want it to be exactly as long as it was in the performance was.

      3 of the videos are to be 2 minutes long – these will require more editing – cutting time out and stopping to insert some light graphics under narration.

      There will be light graphics on all the videos. (basically putting up some text on screen at multiple points – maybe 2 times per minute.)

      Each of the three 2-minute pieces will need music to be integrated into it.

      We will need to pay a narrator to voice the three 2-minute pieces.

      A total of 21 minutes of content.

      (The cost for filming has already been paid for.)

      How much would you charge for this project?

      If you’d rather message me confidentially that’s fine too – I’m at:

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Thanks much,

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      Bill it by the hour. There’s no way you can predict with any accuracy how long this project will take: too many variables. Bill for the cost of the VO plus 25-40%.

      Based on our company’s editing rates and lots of experiences with projects like this, I would give the client an estimate of $1000 to 1500, plus the VO costs. If you bring it in for less the client will be delighted.

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