Manual setting for concert lighting

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I am shooting a live gig tonight. I use 4 cheap camcorders, and they generally work fine. I just stick them on auto and leave them.
The camera at the front of the stage has some challenges on autofocus, and also with the aggressive stage lighting. I am going to try some manual setting tonight.
Here is a clip from a previous gig. Can you give me any suggestions on manual settings for the front camera please. It's also hard to get it on the small screen.

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First, turn off the autofocus - it will kill you every time. With unattended cameras, you can't do much exposure wise unless you use auto, but, as you've seen, you take your chances.

If this was my shoot, I'd do my best to change a couple of things: get at least one of the stage cameras in the front and elevated. Having two cameras, one stage left, the other stage right, is confusing to the viewer. It breaks the "180 rule" of filming. Look that up on Videomaker. An elevated long shot would make a good transition shot between close-ups. I'd also have at least one camera operated so to allow for pans and zooms. This will give you more to work with during editing.