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      I'm new on the forum.


      I recently got a Tascam DR-40 to record separate audio so that I can improve my audio for my videos.   I'm finding it difficult to manage the audio files so that they match up with the video file.  This is especially difficult since I'm not always recording on the external recorder therefore I have more video file than audio files and it is time consuming trying to find the audio that matches up

      with the video.


      What is the best was to manage audio files so that it is easy to match up with the correct video file?






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      This " problem " is as old as sync sound for film. Unless you have time-coded sound which conforms to time-coded footage, the time-honored way is to use a slate and clap-stick. The camera shoots the information on the slate, the assistant announces the scene/take number and than " claps " the " sticks ".   Okay, so you're " running and gunning " and slating would be a drag. The next easiest way to keep track of sound and video would be to start you camera and recorder, put a sync mark at the head, and then never stop either the camera or the recorder until you're finished with a " scene ".

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