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      Hey Guys, 

      I'd like to tell my fellow videomakers about a wonderful opportunity they can take advantage of, to start making money online by shooting video clips, or "stock footage". For those of you who've never heard of "Stock Footage" we can define stock footage as “Short video clips of common landmarks, people, and events that can be used and re-used for a variety of commercial and editorial purposes.”

      You may be wondering why a professional video company or individual would buy stock footage in the first place, given they have the know how to get the shots they need. The answer is quite simple, and is the basis for how the stock footage industry exists- cost and time. For example, let’s say a documentary was being made and what was needed was a shot of a tropical beach, a cold winter day, and a windy desert.

      It would cost an astronomical amount of money to hire a production company to go out and get these shots, not to mention the amount of time it would take. It is way cheaper and faster to buy these needed clips at $50 – $100 a piece as opposed to paying for the costs of these shots to be custom made. Production costs get very expensive fast, getting these shots and hiring a production company to do it could cost anywhere from $2000 to $10 000 and take up to a month to capture. This is how the stock footage industry came to be. Stock footage shooters work to build an extensive large library of subject matters, all verified for the best technical quality, made readily available to customers in a matter of seconds via digital distribution. Stock Footage shooters upload their work to stock footage agencies that sell and promote their stock footage in their online footage marketplace.

      My name is Julian Meli and I've been making money online now with stock footage for about 6 years. It's really an awesome opportunity for creative video enthusiasts to start making money online by pursuing their passion for video. In my six years of being a successful stock footage shooter, I've been helping people in the stock footage forums answering questions and offering solutions to those who would get stuck on a particular part of their workflow. After years of putting in the work and gaining the knowledge and experience helping others on the stock footage forums, it dawned on me to develop a helpful interactive guide and video tutorials set, where I would put everything I've ever learnt about making money online with stock footage. 

      So after months spent in my personal time and money, I've done just that, I've created the opus magnum of making money online by shooting stock footage, so others like myself can get a great start to their journey in the video world, as I did years ago.

      So I invite you all to checkout my ultimate resource guide for microstock footage submitters called "The Ultimate Guide To Making Money Online With Video" 

      This guide is a masterpiece that has been beautifully crafted, designed and compiled into an all in one solution for making money online by selling stock video clips. 

      If you are just starting out in stock footage and not quite sure about import/export settings, and all that technical jargon then we've got you covered! 

      We will teach you the ins and outs of the Royalty Free Microstock footage world. Everything you need to know from buying the right equipment to capturing the best shot, to getting your clips online and up for sale. This guide works in correlation with its online components at, where you will be able to view your exclusive video tutorials and have access to all the other resources. This guide is a must have for any photo video enthusiast looking to get serious about their passion, and make some money doing it. 

      • Tips & Advice 
      • Explained Concepts 
      • Step By Step Breakdowns 
      • How-To's & Techniques 
      • Trusted and Used Detailed Workflows 
      • Master Resources Guide 
      • Exclusive Video Tutorials 

      Get the guide or learn more about it by visiting our site at 

      If you guys are considering getting the guide, I will be more than happy to answer any questions you guys may have by either sending me a private message or emailing me at – I'll have you a response within 12 hours.

      A little about me: 

      I have a passion for photo/video/audio and mostly anything with a record button on it! Been shooting stock footage for about 6 years now. The idea was sparked to create an ultimate resource guide for those looking to get into the stock footage world. 

      Visit My Personal Website 

      If you are a seasoned stock footage professional with years of experience and would like to become a partner of then please message me and I can tell you more about the benefits! 

      Thanks for reading guys,

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Your guide looks nice and the product video was awesome. I been uploading some of my extra footage to Pond5 for about a year. Is true there is a market there and I can confirm that you can get some income. One time I made around $100 in just one sale, which is not bad for uploading footage and forgetting about it.  



      From my observations the income you receive depends on the volume of videos you upload. By volume I mean more than a thousand videos in your artist page. The more you have the higher probability they will get found on the stock footage search. Another thing I notice, at least with Pond5, is that they take way too much time reviewing the footage you upload. I uploaded around 12 videos about two weeks ago and Pond5 still haven't accept them. The last batch upload I made (around 30 videos) took a month to review. I had to contact them to let them know about it. 
      Although this are some minimal flaws I still believe every video producer should sell their stock videos because they generally end up on archive on a hardrive. I prefer to put them to use. 
      I invite you to see my videos at my Pond5 Artist Page
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      My thoughts on this – I think if you make quality stock videos you should be able to attract visitorship and hence quite a bit of money. However, it's about quality – if you make crappy videos, then it wouldn't matter.

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      Hey Guy's


      I now have a free getting started guide available for those who are interested in getting into shooting stock footage. 




      Julian Meli,


      Creator – The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Stock Footage



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