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      I am working on a church promo video and I would like to end my video with an "animated" version of the church logo. Now it is not a complex one at all, (just a cross inside of a triangle) but I would like to animate it as if it were being drawn onscreen by a pen or a paintbrush.

      I do own the Adobe CS6 Production Premuim version. What software in that should I use, and (if possible) could I get some tutorials on how to make it possible?


      Thanks a lot! 

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      Hi iKokomo,

           You're going or want to use Adobe After Effects. You can find some free, although basic, tutorials at The best tutorials, however, are probably going to be found on paid sites, like You could also just try searching for tutorials on Google or YouTube. 

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      Thanks! see I use Premiere and Phoshop alot so I hope alot of things transfer from those two. Thanks a lot!  

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      The effect you are looking for is called a write-on effect. There are many ways to do it. 

      The following are youtube tutorials on the subject:

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      also illustrator is a good program to get the basis of the logo down. I personally use photoshop but im trying to get into illustrator too

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