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      Like some of you, I've been looking for something other than renting Adobe.  I started editing motion picture film in the early 70s and still electronic edit today.  This is more of a warning than a recommendation.  I would stay away from any Magix software like the plague.  Not only is there very limited technical support, even though they say they have a professional editor.  But what is even worse, we ran tests using calibrated test files supplied by Calibug and what we found was not good.  When we built a movie in Magix (both editors) with theses calibrated files, what we got out was nothing similar to what we put in.  The colors out were not the same as the colors in.  100 ire in was not 100 ire out and the same holds true for 0 and 7.5 ire.  If you don't care what your videos look like or that the software will or will not launch when you need it, then Magix is the software for you.  We had a slightly (only slightly) similar result from Serif software as far as color and brightness/contrast (except it has always launched over about 20 years of use) and it is a whole lot less expensive with great technical support.

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