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      I’m about to start prep on a full length 4K feature and am looking for some advice. I’m using FCPX.
      My choices are:
      1 – 21.5″ iMac, GPU Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200, 16gig RAM
      2 – 15″ MacBook Pro with usb-c ports, GPU is Radeon Pro 450 with 2GB memory, 16gig RAM – use a 4K display

      I’ll have approx. 500 minutes of 4K dailies on LaCie hard drives which I’ll import (4T RAID also for cut versions and add. footage/audio) and backup (2T). My SSD internal will have the software and operating system, of course.

      I have a 13″ MacBook Pro with usb-c ports and would like to use it to cut scenes during production accessing the 4K dailies (LaCie ext. drive) but downsizing to 1080. I would save the cuts on the LaCie. Will this work? If I buy the 15″, I would sell the 13″.

      Also, I’m on the west coast and the shoot is in Detroit so what do you think about shipping hard drives back and forth? Can’t afford SSD.

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