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      Brother Dan

       Greetings –


      I'm the proud owner of a new G6. I like the camera, but don't understand why the screen does not show the way the pics and vids are going to come out. Even in IA mode, in dim light I can see my subject fine, but the pics come out black. I make manual adjustments, but those changes are not reflected in the view finder. So, the only way to know what I'm capturing is to shoot, then review, then adjust-shoot-review, adjust-shoot-review, adjust-shoot-review, until I get the look I want. There must be something I'm missing. I obviously can't simply hope footage will be suitable.


      Bill? (Or anyone else for that matter!) What am I missing?

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      Sorry to hear this, Dan.  A few questions before I try to answer:


      – Have you checked pages 149 and 150, "Compensating the Exposure", in the Advanced Features Manual?


      – What video mode do you usually shoot in (P, A, S, or M)?   What mode do you use for stills?


      – Do you use the exposure meter to check exposure before you start shooting (e.g. shutter speed, aperture, ISO) (see p. 97 in the manual)?


      Sadly, the LCD is not an exposure meter.  It will give you enough light to see the picture – even when there isn't enough light to send a decent image to the sensor.


      What's a little concerning to me is that this is happening in iA.  Unless you are trying to create images in low light with a slow lens?  In which case, even iA may not be able to help.


      Sorry I can't be more immediately helpful.





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Viewing 1 reply thread
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