Lowel Omni / Tota Lights LED Question

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      I just picked up 2 Omni and 1 Tota lights with hard case and stands for $20USD at a thrift store and I had a question about them.
      They all work great but they all have the 500 watt, super hot halogen bulb.
      There is a place for using those bulbs but, I was wondering if there is a way to use an LED bulb in these? Or if there is an LED conversion kit?
      I know it would not be as bright if it were possible, but in some instances, the tradeoff would be worth it.
      Thanks a lot!

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      $20 is a great price for that kit. I have and am still using that same kit after more than 20 years so it’s worth the money.
      Pretty sure the answer to your question is no but email them to find out for sure.
      FYI, Tiffen has taken over Lowel so the contact page is now http://tiffen.com/contact/


Viewing 1 reply thread
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