low light, auto focus tracking for football videos

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      I’m looking for a HD/4K low light video camera that can track and auto focus primarily for football game videoing.
      I currently use a Nikon D800, and the video quality there is good – though this camera does not do low light videoing very well, and the focusing is terrible, as it hunts too much.
      What is the best professional video camera that you have used for equivalent action in low light, that ranges between $1000 – $2000. Or is this pricing just too low for professional video cams…
      Can anyone advise please?

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      Honestly, I don’t know of professional video cameras that have auto focus. In your price range, you’re looking more at prosumer cameras, which MAY have auto focus. Professionals don’t use auto focus. It’s part of their job to make sure things are in focus and not let the camera decide (or try to decide) what is in focus. If you can find a good camera in your price range, I’d suggest manually focusing.

      Chris Sebes
      Senior Video Editor

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