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      HI, I am trying to do do a shot with as much contrast between the shaded side of the face and the lit part of the face. Since I am a newbie, any tip would help to keep testing lightning set ups.
      I understand that my camera doesn’t perform well in low light (Canon SL1), but the question is: is there anything I can do to make the shaded side of the face not grainy, as it looks on the link I am sharing?, and of course, the background also looks grainy. Settings: ISO: 800, F:2.8, fps:24, shutter: 50
      I have seen beautiful shots in a dark room with just enough light falling on the opposite side of the camera and a little fill on the other side. In my shot, It looks that I need a lot more light to not get a grainy face and background.
      Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advanced!!

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      Yes, you need more light. The noise is from the gain being applied to the camera sensor. You need a light level that will give you a good exposure on the subject. Those beautiful shots you have seen were most likely achieved with post grading.

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