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      Looking for recommendations for a loupe, EVF, or external recorder to use with 7Dii DSLR when filming outdoors, tripod and handheld. I’m almost setup to begin filming. I expect to take lots of short clips of action type video, some calm shots as well. I set out looking for a loupe, then decided to look for a screen, then came across external recorders like the Atomos and Blackmagic Ninja 2. If there was a 45-degree loupe for less than $100, I’d start with that. Maybe straight loupe that attached magnets would be OK. I really like the flexability of the EVFs, but they are expensive. The external recorders are nice too, and they have the added benefit of potentially improving image quality, but I’m not certain that I’d be able to see the screen outdoors. I’d only consider an HD screen to assist with manual focusing. Thanks.

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      I started by buying a simple loupe which was very useful:

      I then purchased a Feelworld 3.5″ EVF but instantly regretted it. It was cheap, poor focus, poor resolution screen and it didn’t even show the full screen within the viewfinder.

      In the end I bought a Zacuto EVF on eBay (Zacuto EVF Snap + Z Finder pro 2.5x). It was obviously more expensive but was certainly worth it. It also includes focus peaking and zebras that are significantly better than those included within magic lantern.


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      Hi,I bought a 3.5″ EVF from Feelworld in last year, work good so far and the price is affordable, if you need, i can send the product link for you reference, the company website seem to be http://www.feelworld.com.cn, JUST FYI.

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