Losing frames / non smooth video during recording HD video & horizontal pan

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      Hi, I have Sony HDR PJ780 camcorder. It is full HD so I expected splendid video on my HD TV. What I see is that if during recording if I perform a horizontal pan (rotating the camera to the left or right ) the recorder video jumps and seems to be losing frames, so it is not a smooth motion. One can see this especially at the vertical lines/walls of the buildings, trees, etc.  It happens even if I move the camera very slowly.


      It is very annoying seems the camera is really expensive and it seems to me that either the processor is not able to record all the frames or something else is to blmae (stabilizer ?)  I tried both the 25 and 50i frames/s recording but the result is the same….  With my old, non-HD camera I had much smoother videos, and it did not make your eyes tired.


      Any hint?


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      WIth HD video, it's even more crtical to do any pans SLOWLY. Try it again and slow your pans down a lot and see if you still have this problem.



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      Theres a good chance that turning off "image stabilization" will sort out your problem. You should consider doing this everytime you put your camcorder on a tripod.

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