Losing 5 seconds after exporting!!!

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      Hi there,

      I posted this technical issue in Adobe forum and I didn’t get any answer yet, anyone here can help to solve this editing ENIGMA!!

      We exported an original 24fps video master.. from that master. I took it into premiere and exported a new master at 23.976fps.
      The problem is around the fps issue .. When I export a video. I gain 5 seconds length more than what it says on the timeline. I discovered it when I placed a time code on the screen for my sound guy. Every 15 min or so I lose 1-second discrepancy between the time code on the screen and the actual video timer.

      Again, the problem is around the fps issue .. When I export a video The length was 1:15:42:00. when importing this video back into premiere it marks the length at 1:15:37:02. When exporting again I gain 5 seconds back. The Frames count is the same as the very original master at 24fps. we are not losing frames, but we are losing time when imported into Premiere. separate sound files sink just fine in Premiere. any idea what and how this happens? and how to solve it?

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