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      Hey, this is my first topic on this forum. First off, wanted to introduce myself. I own rumble.com, a video platform similar to YouTube, except we focus on bringing value to video (distribution and monetization). Currently we are looking for high quality cooking, lifestyle, women, news and finance videos.


      If anyone where has any of the above categories of video, I would love to discuss licensing possibilities. We literally purchase videos upfront, we do revenue share, or whatever works best for the creator. I'm also open to recommendations.


      Glad to have joined this community.

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      Hi Chris Welcome to the Videomaker forums, I checked out your site pretty cool interesting choice of categories to focus on. What makes you different than youtube? as far as why would someone watch videos on your site versus elsewhere? Beyond that what do you usually pay for videos what is the contracting like? Do we still maintain rights to the videos?


      Best of luck,


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