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      I am having a bit of trouble with deciding what camera to buy. I have not been keeping up with video camera technology for a few years now and have found that nearly everything is using CMOS now. As far as I understand, CMOS has better image quality than CCD but it makes spinning propellers look like lines and when you record lightning you only get half the frame with the lightning in it and the rest is dark due to CMOS not having a global shutter like CCD. I am wondering if the current CMOS camcorders have a rolling shutter that is so fast that this isn’t a problem? If it is still an issue then I may have to just buy a used JVC HM100E 3 CCD camera.

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      You’re being pretty vague with your question. “I don’t know what car to buy. Almost everything is being built with a gasoline engines nowadays, but they don’t go fast enough.”

      Figure out your budget. What are you shooting? Long form? Short form? Action? Low-light? Daytime? Indoors? People? Landscapes? Zoom or prime lenses? Swapping lenses? You do mention lightning. Maybe look into something that does a higher frame rate like 48 or 60 fps.

      Good luck!
      Chris Sebes

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