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Looking into 4k cameras to go with my current NX 100

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    Hey guys,
    I’m more of a video enthusiast then I am a professional. I am currently in the market for my first 4k camera. I am not a DSLR guy, so I am looking into an actual video camera.

    At the beginning of 2016, I bought the Sony NX 100 camera. I was looking for a solid run-and-gun style camera for general shooting, weddings, parties, ect. I have been pretty happy with it overall, and I really enjoy working with the files that comes from it.

    Recently I have been experimenting with multiple camera shoots. The issue I have at t the moment is, the only other video camera I own besides the Nx 100 is a Sony HDR CX580 handycam. And although it does shoot HD, it of course is a consumer camera that pales in comparison to my Nx 100 camera.

    I am currently looking at a secondary camera that can record higher quality footage that could been dropped into my editing timeline that looks as good as the footage from my NX100 does. I figured I would look into a 4k camera of some sort that will fit my current budget of $1500.00 to $1700.00. I have a solid custom built PC that could handle the rendering I believe. For the list of parts my PC has in it, check PC Parts Picker link below:

    I would like the pro features that the NX 100 has, but honestly, I end up shooting most of my events in Full Auto mode. I sometimes have planned shoots where I make use of manual focus and what not, but that’s about it. I am not a professional by any means, just more of an enthusiast. I have a MKE 600 Sennheiser shotgun mic for my NX100, and a second camera with XLR wouldn’t be a bad idea, although one of the current cameras I am looking at is more of a prosumer camera I think.

    I was looking into the Sony FDR‑AX100 camera. I contacted B&H photo reps today about a second camera to go along with my NX100, and the rep told me that the AX100 might not be the best option, and to look at the Sony PXW-X70 instead. I know this camera has a 4k upgrade through firmware, so that peaks my interests. However, it’s a couple hundred more out of my price range, and the 4k upgrade would add even more to that, not only going over my current budget, but leaving zero room for accessories anytime soon.

    Of course, if I had it my way, I would get the 4k coutner part of the NX100 which is the Sony PXW-Z150, but we are talking divorce papers if I go that route 😉

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I hold off a bit and get some extra funds and go with the PXW-X70? Is the AX100 a solid buy? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    4K Video Camera.

    Have been using a FDR-AX100 for over a year now very happy with it.
    Easy to use great 4K results, only negative (in my opinion) is that there is no XLR input/s… only 3.5mm audio in
    The AX100 is used as either a stand alone and/or as a second camera with Sony PXW-Z150 (which as XLR input/s)

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    I’ve been using a Nikon D500 for some time and it’s definitely worth a try. You get much more camera for your money – the D500’s specs easily outstrip the D750’s.


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