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      My church recently had video equipment installed and i operate the switcher and camera sometimes.To be honest,i am very excited to operate this stuff.i am interested in getting some training for this.i also want to film wedding and other events.how do i go about getting training for this?

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      You need to be more specific.



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      I want to be a camera operator.i want to learn how to edit videos as well.

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      If you have the time and money.  Going to a school or training program is your best bet.  There are colleges, community colleges, universities and trade schools that teach those things.  I believe the Trade Schools like The Trebas Institute don't have 3 year programs like the schools.


      I don't know your age so I will think of 18 and over options. Which I just did above.


      If you don't have the time or money.  Then you would have to do it like I did.


      Get a Good Video Camera. Or a DSLR.  You don't need anything professional.  Good Video Cameras are cheaper than entry level DSLR's but check for used and on Ebay.  You also need a decent tripod.


      B and H Photo Video is a great place to get everything to do with making videos and films. The customer service people there are great.  You can tell them your budget and they can reccomend something around that.




      I began searching the internet,  I found many sites that showed me how to do things.  But I don't have an expert to check my work every day or go to for advice.


      But this site is a great source for articles and videos and this forum.  You can even upload your work to Youtube then put a link here and people can critique it.


      So I used Google search engine and I purchased some books.  I copied and pasted articles that I could use.


      And of course Practice Practice Practice.    As a camera operator, most of the shots and how they are framed are dictated by the director and the cinematographer.  But the best camera operators also know what looks good.  What good framing is.  What to avoid and on and on.  They should be able to anticipate what the higher ups want.  Even if you are wrong sometimes.


      That's a starting point.  To be a professional you will either have to make your own short films that get some attention and prove you know what you are doing or take one of the courses mentioned above as they know the road to getting work.  Not an easy road but it is there.


      If you have friends with some interest in making some short movies, get their HELP!!!!!    This is a collaborative business.   I don't have anyone to help and that makes it quite difficult.


      EDITING.   There are many video editing software choices. Geared for the amateur who makes videos for their family to what Hollywood Professionals use.


      Do a search for Video Editing Software and you will get a lot of choices.  They pretty much all have free 30 day trials. From the most expensive to the cheapest.


      Learning to edit is a combination of reading articles and watching training videos and watching movies and TV with a critical eye.  Start watching how things are cut together.  Learn how that helps the story.


      Depending on the movie.  Editing can hurt the story.  Watch Bad Movies for that.  Watching bad is also a learning tool.


      The more money you have the better.  But you can start with little and buy things as you go along.


      This is one Youtube channel I like.  It is for the low to no budget film or video maker.  There are others if you look.




      My Lats thought is to contact the union that represents Camera Operators,  That's another internet search but they can also point out positve ways to get to your goal.


      I hope this is of some help. and hope others offer advice.  But you also need to search out as many resources you can.   







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      That is over and above what i asked.thank you very much for this.these forums has really helped

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      You are Welcome.


      While I don't am not an expert, I like to help. But remember that while these forums are great.


      Go everywhere to find answers.


      I spend the time answering questions because I like it.  But currently I am looking for some simple feedback on a crazy Video I made.

      Don't feel obligated to watch,  but if you do,  I am trying to find out if it holds a persons interest through the 11 mins.    Stop watching at any time, and if you have any feedback regarding why you stopped or why you watched I would love it.   I am not looking for technical criticism.  Just whether people think it is funny or fun or neitherI had an idea for a stunt and obsessed over it until I had to do it.  It's called  FREEZING COLD SHOWER WORLD RECORD.   I tried to find different things to do to keep it interesting and entertaining.  There is even picture in picture using my waterproof camera








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      Joe –

      Depending on where you are, there may be other churches in your area with a larger media ministry than you have at your church.  In my town, there are at least 5 churches that I know of that have VERY well equipped and staffed video departments.  I'm talking honest to goodness broadcast quality installations.  

      Most of the church guys are very anxious to help develop ministry talent.  I'd say find out who's doing the most in your area, call them up and volunteer your time.  Be up front and tell them that your trying to learn to be able to do more at your home church.   A few months with a good crew may be all that you need to lift your work up to the level you're looking for.

      What city and state are you in?


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      Aviv Vana

      Check out Vimeo tutorials. Check out my blog and other blogs for many tips. And of course shoot everyday and you'll be able to start implementing things quickly.

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      StanDan Pro

      I think that http://www.FilmmakerIQ.com is pretty dang impressive.  Anyone else have some good suggestions for video training or film classes?

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      Hi…,  LOL   I lasted 3 minutes and 31 seconds and then realized you live near Toronto and most likely a "Leafs" fan. Hence the crazyness of it all.   BFG

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