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      I have cut together the first saga of one piece into a movie but my computer cannot handle the render process without crashing because it is a piece of crap. I am not looking to make any credit or money off this movie I would just like to put it out there for fans of the show who are tired of having to watch and load individual episodes and the tiresome openings and closings. If anyone is willing to help do the render I would definitely appreciate the assistance in helping out the fandom.

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      The opening and closing is the publicity that the producers of the shows want, isn' it?  Not trying to be snarky but if I produced a show or movie and it as widely distriuted without any credits,  would be a lttle pi##$%.

      It's kinda like making a torrent of a movie because someone wanted to be "cool"and get a movie out for free.  The studio isn't going to miss $10 bucks, right? (multplied by..)

      Keep the credits rollng an the publicity the producers need.


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      We are corporate film makers if you need any services regarding corporate film making then please let us know.

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