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      I am looking for someone to create short video similar to this one

      budget $500 , basically i dont even need video, i need audio record without disturbing real people, so you need to create funny texts and find some actors ( to create those audios)

      Please PM me if you can do that


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      Hello I would be interested in helping. Do you prefer male or female actors, what is your prefered age range? Anymore detail on the script? Like what does it pertain to? Will it all be clean aka no foul language? Am I correct in assuming this is a two actor job, or would there be more roles?


      Again I am definitely interested in helping; just hoping for a little more information.



      About me:

      I am 25


      I am a native english speaker.

      I have a background in acting and a company in video production.

      I have also been on the Wisconsin state drama team.


      If you have questions for me contact me at:


      Justin Reto

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      We can definitely help you with this. Do you you already have a script or do you need to develop one? We've been writing video and tv commercial scripts for over 10 years, and we are a video production company based in Bogotá, Colombia, where 500 dollars go a looong way!!!


      check out our work at http://www.intelygente.net

      and send us more info to info@intelygente.net

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      You can create yourself watch my videos that I have created…


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