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      I'm looking for a range of background 'computer' sound fx that were -ubiquitous- in the late 50's to early 70's. (everyone must have used exactly the same source.)

      I'm talking about the FX used for the movie 'Fantastic Voyage' if that rings a bell, but I've heard the same library used in everything from 'Dr. Who' to 'Star Trek' to 'Forbidden Planet' to 'Lost In Space' to 'Super Inframan'.

      Any ideas where to get these in decent enough quality to be used for a commercial quality project? (You can find all kinds of crappy 128MP3s on the web but they are nowhere near good enough.) Or, you can get 'backgrounds', but these are montages of literally -dozens- of the component sounds. (the beauty of a lot of these bgs is that they were built up from various combinations of little bloops, bleeps.)


      I want the individual component FXs… -not- montages… like clips I've heard just ripped from an episode of Star Trek.

      Of course, I'm willing to pay a (reasonable) licensing fee if that's what it takes, but I'm wondering if these aren't PD because they're used by -everyone-.

      As an aside, I'm -terribly- curious to know how most of these were generated. Most of them are remarkably complex and rich. I keep thinking they're from like a Raymond Scott machine or some other pre-synthesizer gizmo.



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