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      This Idea popped into my head.  It was a bit extreme and I would set up then not do it.
      Finally my obsession with the idea had me give it a try.   It's part stunt, part comedy routine, part endurance.  Any feedback is welcome,  I wish to know if it holds the attention for the entire time.   Obviously stop watching if you want,  That's good feedback,  Thanks for helping
      I used a total of 1880 watts of Daylight Flourescents bouncing off the walls and celings so as not to reflect in the glass,  400 watt diffused on me.  Other camera Kodak Waterproof for Picture in Picture close ups.  I set the WB to Daylight and it looked okay.
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      The idea was cool (no pun intended) and it was funny for a little while, but I think it was way too long, personally.  I think with comedy, you gotta know when to quit.  I fastforwarded the video after 2 minutes and then stopped watching.  I think something like this should have been no more than 3 minutes or so.  If you are going to do 11 minutes of this, I would get friends and family and have them do the same thing, so you get multiple reactions of people taking cold showers.


      Good job!




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      Thank you,  I Appreciate you taking the time.


      I am a professional comedian. Not hugely successfull.  But I understand the concept of knowing when to quit.  I learned it starting out.  The hard way.

        I knew the lenght was an issue.

      But I also wanted to see how long I could stay in there.   That's why I made an edited version of 3 minutes.11 secs


      Maybe I should cut out the intro and start in the shower. As I only get inside at the 53 second mark.  I also should have started with some of the stunts I do later. Shaving is not interesting or funny.


      I wanted to post the entire thing to prove I did it.  But you are correct.


      Thanks again very much.  I go on not to be defensive but that was my thought process.  Needed more thought


      Gratefully Yours


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      Aviv Vana

      I think the idea is clever and funny! But yes, length is entirely too long. I "got it" after 30 seconds. I don't know if it's possible but doing a couple takes with different angles and different focal lengths could keep the viewer into it visually.


      Nice Share.

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      Thank you and you are correct.  At the time I wanted to prove that I was in the shower the entire time.


      While I don't do stunts normally,  I will keep your comments in mind if I do another one and I will set up multiple cameras so I can cut back and forth.


      But I did learn how to create Picture in Picture with Premiere Pro.  I didn't know it was so easy.


      Thank you for the criticism and It pleases me, you also found it funny.





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      Oh man, god bless you, that must have been painful!


      You could have started at 1:00 and ended at 2:00 and it would have been more funny because there would be no waiting around.


      I look at the stats on a short film I created on YouTube and out of hundreds of viewers most only watch the first 1:00 at most.

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      Thanks for the insght. I did what I set out to do and have a record of it.  Even if people don't watch the whole thing.


      Thanks for the insights into youtube viewers retention.


      I will keep this all in mind for the next thing Iwant to share. It won't be a crazy stunt that last forever.


      With Great appreciation from someone learning the video game



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