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      Hey guys, My name is Matthew and I've been shooting video for about a year and a half now.

      Basically (for some quick context) one day I was thinking about how I would like to achieve a dream and make a feature length film. This is sort of a vague, and lofty goal, but it's something I always wanted to do.

      So.. I thought about it (and read about it) for about a day and realized, I need to buy some gear and start shooting, Why waste anymore time, just get out there and start doing it.

      So I did. After a few months I started getting some paid gigs. I then upgraded my entry level d5200 to a GH4. Each production I do, I buy or upgrade more gear to achieve better production and attempt to remove creative limitations.

      (sorry about this lengthy back story, but I feel it will help in the answering of the question(s)).

      So I've got a 'nice' or 'decent' camera, some alright lenses, a cage, a shoulder rig, some misc. accessories and bits here and there.

      I have a full time job which is not this. So that's why (and I told my self this from the start) I would put all the money I made on gigs back into the gear. I don't mind doing corporate work but my main goal is to make fiction. I only do these gigs to fill the coffers and purchase more gear.

      Whew…. That being said I just finished a video for a client (on Ethiopian fertility rituals) which was the closest thing I've done to a narrative yet. It was much more fulfilling than anything I've done to date, and affirmed my love for narratives.

      So I have about $4500 now for some new gear. I was intently waiting on the Atomos Shogun as I would like a monitor but this seemed like a great idea. 'Better' footage and my monitor. (better codec also was really appealing, as I thought it could also make my 96fps 'usable')

      I'm also looking into 3 axis gimbals. It seems like this could be very useful and would allow me to branch out and make higher quality productions and thus bring even more money back (and possibly allow me to leave my job). It could benefit me by not having to get a slider/dolly etc.

      Then instead of buying more m 4/3 lenses I was wondering if it's better to bite the bullet and get a Metabones and a different mount system.

      Or should I sell my camera, get something a little better (or even sort of a side grade like an A7s + Shogun to get that full frame action?

      I'm at such a loss.

      TLDR; I don't want to have wasted my money. If i can get away with just a cheaper monitor and then some other accessories, would that be better than buying something like the Shogun (or higher end gear..) Sorry this is so long winded, I'm just at a crossroads, I've just turned 31 and Don't want to stunt my growth here. I want each video to be better than the last (not just practicing which is obviously the more important step) but having the pieces to produce a better image and remove creative limitations.

      IF this is too much and too long, I'd be happy to start an email correspondence or even skype (I understand I'd be taking up someone's precious time, and this is valuable but I could compensate or something.

      Thanks very much for your time Ladies and Gentlemen, It is greatly appreciated!


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      Hi Matthew –


      Congratulations on actually stepping out and turning your dream into a reality!


      Here's a thought – instead of a Shogun or a new camera, perhaps you should hang on to the GH4, buy a $699 Nebula 4000 Lite gimbal (the most production value you're going to get per dollar) – then stop buying gear and continue making money until you have between 6 months and a year of living expenses saved up.


      At that point, you may not have a Shogun – but you will be a free man and master of your own destiny 🙂


      Here's what the GH4 can do combined with the Nebula 4000 Lite:





      Best of luck,



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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