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      I'm preparing for a trip to the Czech Republic and Germany in July and have been tasked with bringing back quality footage. I've been shooting for years; my last pro camera was a DVX100B (which I loved!) but in my current job I've been relegated to using my personal gear.


      I currently have Canon HV20/30/40 HDV cameras (yep, one of each), a Canon HF-R400 and a Nikon D7000…all of which can take a decent HD video, but each has their shortcomings (most seriously — lack of external control).  


      I have the opportunity to spend about $1,000 on a new camera and trying to decide between a Canon G30, a Sony CX900 or a Sony RX10.  In doing research, I've also come across the Panasonic FZ1000 and XC-920.  THe only one I've actually handled was the RX10, which I liked the feel of.


      Please note that I'm not really looking to go 4K yet, as the editing gear I have won't handle it (using FCP, not X, on an older MBPro) and I'm hoping to invest in a higher-end 4K camera once things shake out a bit more. Note, too, that I will likely take one of my exisitng cameras (likely the HF-R400) as backup or to hand to someone for b-roll, etc. 


      The footage will be used for a presentation video, will be posted online, and will be combined with 1080p footage shot several years ago as part of a different project for use in a display kiosk.


      I'm having trouble deciding and need to make up my mind soon, as I want to have plenty of time to shoot around here before I go.





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      Hi Mike –   an experienced shooter with a $1000 budget and existing Nikon lenses might want to consider an $898 Panasonic GH3 with a $20 Nikon G to micro 4/3 adapter.  With this setup, you can leverage your investment in Nikon glass and share lenses with your D7000.


      This camera has full manual control and is the closest you can get to a camcorder in a DSLR-style body (headphone jack, hours of continuous recording, compatible with affordable power zoom lenses, fast autofocus (with micro 4/3 system lenses)).


      Here is the image quality you can get with this camera:




      1080/60p Slow Motion


      My first DSLR was a Nikon, I have shot with the RX10 and I own the predecessor cameras to the Panasonic X920 and FZ1000 – and my GH3 and GH4 cameras are the best value-for-money video cameras in this price range.


      Hope this is helpful and good luck on your trip!



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