Looking for best Urbex camcorder/camera – $500-$1200

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      I have a YouTube channel that is growing, and want to increase the quality of my videos even further.

      I noticed that some people like Dan Bell has an amazing camera that even at the lowest light possible, it doesn’t blur with motion or lose much detail. Mine struggles in low light without a big LED light which I use regularly. Does anyone have any recommednations for a camcorder/DSLR that’s $1200 or under that can outperform my Panasonic V770. Here’s an example of one of the videos I took before I got a nice light. You can see how the camera really struggles in low light.

      You may have the skip to about the 12 minute mark to see how it doesn’t perform so well.


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      I am afraid for your filming style there will barely be anything much better. And any camera, even the low light monster like A7s (useable only with manual focus, BTW), still needs light or you are looking at infrared.

      With any bigger sensor cameras depth of field will be thinner, so accurate focusing is a must. I hear that Sony A6300/6500 AF is quite good, both are decent low-light performers, and the latter got IBIS which will be very useful for your handheld operation.

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