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      Hi, new guy here, posted a little about me in the intro thread. Anyway, I've been editing reality tv since 2006, have over 120 shows under my belt, and currently work for a small company and edit/produce a hunting show that airs on sportsman channel. I've always worked for a company on a salary, have little freelance experience. I was recently approached by another company who wants me to edit/produce a pilot and 13 – 20 episodes on my own equipment. The have all the footage shot with 1 camera, I just have to edit, offline, online, audio leveling, final output, the whole works. My question is what do you guys think I should quote them? I feel quite underpaid where I'm at, but then there's the trade off of job security etc. These guys have seen my reel, and know my experience and they seem to really value my skills so I'm confident I can charge quite a bit more than my current salaried position. I want to be competitive to what the industry is charging but not over the top. Can anyone give me a ballpark of what they would charge, or what the going rate is for this kind of project?

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Hey Stepontheduck-

      You should check out our rate calcuator. It should help you get a good price for any one-off project like this.



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      If you are experienced and have confidence on your talent in work and skills then definitely you should go for a bit higher charges than current.



      Best Regards

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      Thanks, I'll check it out.

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