Looking For A Camera To Record Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Matches

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      First of all if you dont know what brazilian jiu jitsu is here is a little match: https://youtu.be/-7DLFqLCFqg

      I was wondering if you guys could assist me to get a camera for recording matches?

      I was told to get an entry level DSLR and I’ve got a few options, ill post them down below, but if you have any other suggestions I would love them. I am under a 600 AUD budget

      Here are the options
      http://www.sony.com/electronics/interchangeable-lens-cameras/slt-a58#product_details_default http://www.sony.com/electronics/interchangeable-lens-cameras/ilca-68-body-kit http://www.nikon.com.au/en_AU/product/digital-slr-cameras/d3400#features_explained/1

      Other suggestions Welcome! I would also appreciate if you could put down a lens that is not too expensive

      Thanks everyone!

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      DSLR cameras are good for shooting films where you know the maximum distance between your lens and the talent. When you can control all the parameters of a shoot, DSLRs are great. If you’re shooting sports events, you should consider a standard video camera with an attached lens. One of the DSLR’s best assets – shallow depth of field – would be your biggest headache while shooting sports. You would constantly be adjusting focus.

      There is a number of really nice entry level video cameras on the market now, some even capture in 4K for less than $1000.

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