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      I am curious to know about recording a local government public hearing, people not happy with how a company or industry is conducting business, or land dispute, something like that.

      It’s a public hearing. Can anybody with a camera go and record these things or do there need to be credentials handed out for such things.

      I might be attending one and I want to record it for prosperities sake.

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      In theory, yes. In practice, check with the local governing body before going to the meeting. Local open meeting rules vary tremendously from town to town, state to state.

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      Hi Jack! Wally here. I’ve been videoing public meetings for about 3 years now. That’s all I do. There is a “Public Meetings Act” that you can look up. Basically you can video any public meeting. Period. I video Wa. State legislature hearings, Thurston County Commissioners meetings, all kinds of protest meetings at the capitol. Hallway interviews after hearings. I will be happy to send you some of my videos.

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