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      Hello everyone,

      I'm having some problems with my current video setup.  I'll tell you what I'm looking for, what equipment I have, what i've tried, etc.

      Computer –  Windows 7 Enterprise,

                          Intel Core i5 2.8


                          Two Blackmagicdesign Intesity Pro capture cards,

                          Two Sony HXR-MC50U Cameras, one mounted at the back, one mounted at

                          the front. 

                          M-Audio Fast Track C400.

      First program that I had was Wirecast, which kept crashing/loosing feeds, whenever you would unplug anything, or pretty much touch anything.  More recently, I've been streaming from Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, and running the video through VMix.   

      We bought this computer from a company that said that they could get what we were after, but that hasn't worked out so well.   I'm debating on asking them to buy the computer back, and starting that side from scratch, but i'd like to hear what you have to say about the system.  If I need to get rid of this and switch to a Mac, so be it.

      What I'm trying to do….

      On the average church service, would like to record the service in a lower size/quality, as streaming in our area is limited by internet. Should that ever change, streaming higher quality would be ideal.  We have two cameras, and usually the one at the back would be the main, and every ten min we would switch to the front camera to get a shot of the people for a few min.  We zoom it in when the preacher starts, zoom it out when he ends.  Not interested in fantastic production value, just maybe a fade from one camera to the other.  Quality is the main thing I want to have the option to change.  In the last two months we've had two weddings, one was recorded with wirecast, one with Vmix. Both with the highest settings, both ended up terrible quality.

      I would like the option to be able to switch to max possible quality, without too much technical work, as I have other guys doing this as backup when I can't be here.

      At one point we were getting great picture into this computer, but wirecast just wasn't reliable enough.   When I record straight from the camera, the picture is fantastic.

      I'm doing no editing… Just record, then upload.   

      I really apprecaite any comments

      Thanks, Ryan

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      Are you catering to " dial-up " clients?


      Have you looked into Skype-type streaming or something similar?


      Rick Crampton

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      Not really other people with dial-up, just we're outside of town and don't have very good speeds. 


      Skype would be a possibility, that side of it right now is nice though because users can go to the website, and it plays right on that; no downloading programs, no connecting etc

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      What are your up-load speeds?



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