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      Trying to come up with an idea for transmitting live video from a camcorder (walking around a car or truck, or even a tractor or combine), and having that feed into a TV for people to see that can't get as close to see what the camera guy sees.  Trying to get some ideas as to what components would be needed.  Definitely don't want to be carrying around any cords that someone could trip over.  Also, any ideas what kind of $$$ we could be expecting?





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      AvatarJackson Wong

      Hi shankscomp,


      Looks like you're thinking of something like this. I haven't shopped around much for it, but here's one system that comes in around $1,000.


      Otherwise I believe Teradek has some high-end systems


      For just setting up a shot, many cameras (camcorder, smartphone and action camera) have Wi-Fi apps that do this, but many falter once you start recording.


      Sounds like a fun show!

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      Hi Tim – the best value-for-money solution is probably the $249.99 Nyrius Aries Pro Digital Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver.  This unit will wirelessly connect the HDMI output on your camera to your laptop, PC or HDTV.


      In this video, shows how to set it up for wireless transmission from an R/C copter (you won't have to modify the power cables like he does – you can power the transmitter from a laptop and the receiver from a wall plug):






      Hope this is helpful!



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