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      My school asked me to arrange the electronics for an upcoming concert so one can walk around with a live camera, play movie sequences and project both pictures on the wall.
      Basically, I am looking for a software that kinda works like a live cutting program in TV studios.
      Lets say the live camera is Picture A, the movie sequences are Picture B, C, D etc.
      Both should be projected on the wall (not simultaneously)

      Example: First. Picture A is projected, then (at the touch of a button) a fade out to Picture B, then a dissolve to Picture C etc.

      Is there a program that isn’t too complicated/that is self-explaining (I’ve already got experience with Adobe Premiere etc.)?

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      From what you’re describing you’ll probably need at least two pieces of equipment: wireless video and audio transmitter/receiver so you can move freely about the school with your camera, and a video switcher so you can switch from one source to another to feed the projector. These will be expensive acquisitions, I suspect.

      Alternatively, you might consider building a delay into the proceedings. Could you roam the halls recording to the memory chip in your camera, hand off the chip to a “runner” and reload for additional recording? The “runner” could take the chip to the projector, close down the movie and project your footage. Repeat as often as necessary?

      This might not be as smooth as what you would get with wireless video and a Tricaster, but it would be a great deal less expensive.

      Or perhaps you can rent the necessary equipment from a rental house? No matter which choice you make, I’d suggest a thorough rehearsal before the event.

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