Live Streaming with Sony PXw-FS5

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      Hi all
      I was hoping that someone on here might have had some experience with the Sony FS5 and be willing to offer some advice.
      My brother in law has rented an FS5 to live stream an event at our local high school. I am trying to help him with the setup. We plan to use Dacast and their included obs studio encoder for the stream. My question is what would be the best way to capture the video to a laptop from the FS5.
      Because he is renting the camera I will not be able to play with the setup before using it. I am thinking I will need a usb3 capture card , something with an HDMI-in and USB3 connection to my laptop. Something like this:

      Reading over the camera manual it looks like the camera has the ability to stream over wi-fi. But I am thinking this is only good for local streaming using something like VLC to connect to the stream.
      If anyone could offer any help or guidance it would be much appreciated.
      Thank you
      Chris Parsons

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      I don’t have experience with the Sony FS5, but it has an HDMI output. Use an Avermedia U3 capture device connected to the camera, and connect to a PC via USB 3.0. You’ll be able to stream up to 1080p at 60fps if you have a very good internet connection. Avermedia has its own app that will stream to Youtube, or you can download vMix for free to stream to other services.

      What you won’t be streaming is 4K. You’d need an internet pipe as big as a water main to get that large a signal to stream. Youtube says they do, but getting the stream there is 90% of the effort.

      I use the Avermedia on a weekly basis to stream continuing education series for a medical education business. I’ve streamed an acceptable image using a hotel’s upstream internet connection as low as 2Mbps. The stream is standard def, but where we have greater bandwidth, the stream will be 720p.

      The Avermedia device can be found an Amazon An alternative device I’ve used is made by Elgato

Viewing 1 reply thread
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