Live-Streaming with Canon T2i

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      Hi again everyone-

      I would like to be able to livestream video from my T2i through my laptop.  I've browsed around Google and not found anything.  Does anyone know of a way to either do this through the camera's USB cable and the computer's USB port, or through the camera's HDMI output somehow?  As with my other posts, I need to do this on the cheap 🙂 .  Any help is appreciated!

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      I don't believe you can.  The camera would need an AVR or firewire input. 

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      It would need an AVR or Firewire input to stream. 

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      search on this forum (streaming), you will find multiple articles discussing this subject.


      the one that got me going is:


      How can I do live streaming with a macbook pro and sony hdr.


      very good discussions!




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      It is possible to stream with t2i. I did stream a multicam event with a help of Sony Z1.


      What you need is a PC software ExtraWebCam, and then you'll need a multicam editor or just use any other live stream aplication which will recognize ExtraWebCam as a webcamera, which is your t2i in this case.


      The only problem is, that the resolution is as you see it on live view screen… it wont be 16:9, but 4:3.


      I hope this helps.

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      Another alternative is to use app called SparkoCam from which emulates webcam and supports live-streaming from Canon DSLR cameras.

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      Thanks guys!  

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