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      I am currently trying to figure out what the best camera to live stream with in 4k. First of all, what camera is most convenient for me to use in the different price ranges, such as 500$ – 1000$ and then between $1000 – $2000.

      My needs in the camera are capabilities in low light, and high motion, as it would be used for not only baseball games or soccer games, but also in the gym and auditorium. Hoping someone could help me out in understanding what i need best to live stream these different events. Would the same 4k camera be able to do both indoor and outdoor live sports at the same capabilities or do i need to decide which camera and what use. Any input and opinions would help and be appreciated! 


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    Hey SoccerDude

    The hard part is uploading live 4k. The sheer volume of data is immense.

    I have tried streaming in 1080p and that was iffy, especially outdoors so usually when I record lacrosse games I record them in 1080p at 60fps (so I can slo-mo) and then edit after.

    For live streaming bandwidth is usually the problem, also Phones vs true Camcorders etc. Phones have no optical zoom, most cameras cannot do a long time on video without getting hot, Camcorders have built in 5 OIS and can handle the heat and can stream on services like Ustream, but if you want to use YouTube etc you will need a RTMP encoder like one of these “”

    Not sure if that helps


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