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      scott minton

      I have a strong background in event videography, but was asked by a friend to help him design, setup and administer a new 2-way video solution to help him communicate with customers and prospective customers. My friend owns a vehicle dealership. His thought is to have up to four cameras around the dealership or possibly two set cameras and one or two mobile cameras for action shots. He would like to have a portal that customers can join to see his video and broadcast a video themselves (think Apple FaceTime) so he can see their face and understand better what they are thinking. His believe is that many customers want to do 90% of their car shopping before they come to the dealer. A lot of that can be done without every interacting with a sales person, but some of it would benefit from one on one interaction with a sales person to help answer any questions. That’s the intro. Now for the technical detail. I would like to have four videos feeds (one from each video source option) that broadcast to an iPad. From the iPad, I can have a different user choose the video selection that’s best while the speaker concentrates on interacting with a customer. The speaker can also see what the buyer is broadcasting.

      I also want to have the final video ready to upload to video sharing services. I’m sure I’m missing many parts of this process. Please help me think of other options or ways of getting this done. Our budget is about $5000, but could be doubled if there’s enough difference in what is available. We need to get video camera, the box that will aggregate the different feeds and the iPad that will help choose the feed.

      Give me your thoughts and remember, I don’t know what I’m doing, so please be nice in your feedback.


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      Given that you “don’t know what I’m doing,” your best bet would be to contact a professional in your neighborhood, preferably someone with streaming video experience, who can listen to your proposal, tour the site and work with you to solve the problems. In addition to handling installation and setup, such a resource can keep the system functioning and upgrade it as your friends needs change.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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