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      Client requesting live streaming to capture a TV iPlayer (with permission) and to switch at points to live camera stream. Both aspects using TV companies YouTube channel.

      I understand the basics of live streaming (though would welcome opinions re best set up practise for both wired and Wi-Fi) though unsure as to switching scenes as mentioned above.

      Camera JVC HM600 using HDMI output

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      OBS studio software has scene options but don’t know if it would work in this case.

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      Hi Richard,

      Well, you have a couple of things to consider.d The HDMI output of the iPlayer will be a protected stream. Are you sure your client has WRITTEN permission to capture/stream the content? The switching to live camera stream isn’t hard…Assuming you have a Thunderbolt port, Blackmagic Design has a simple box that can take HDMI from your camera to your computer. If you don’t have Thunderbolt but you do have USB3, Magewell has a great little box for that. The rest of the issue is the streaming encoder to a CDN. OBS can encode and YouTube/Facebook can be your CDN.

      The main issue is the output of the iPlayer. If your client does have written permission, reply to this and I’ll help you with the HDMI decoding issue.



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      If you’re asking how to switch between two sources, you’ll need a way to capture those sources. You could use OBS or vMix (free version) to handle the switching via software, and have two capture devices to feed those apps. I use an Avermedia Game capture device when live streaming from my camera. To capture the iPlayer, I’ll assume you’d need a laptop in full-screen mode and send it out the HDMI port much like you would do for a projector. Then capture that signal with a second capture device, which OBS or vMix would recognize in your main PC.

      There is a possible hardware solution that might be worth taking a look at:

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      Thank you for replies. The event is going out live (RTE Ireland) and the client’s idea is to have it on their newly developed app, both the live stream and then cut to camera during commercials.
      Permission won’t be an issue.
      I’ve looked at the BM capture box for thunderbolt (Mac only?) and one for USB. Wi-fi looks a bit more of a risk – but ideally they want this option also.
      So just wondering if simplest solution would be to switch between a full screen capture (which I think was a suggestion) and the camera. This would play out on the events YouTube channel which the app would link to.
      Thanks again for suggestions and links which I’ll look into. This is completely new territory for me.

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