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      I was wondering if there's a way to stream two people from separate locations onto one screen? This would need to be done live with no post production. The idea is that two people in different locations, walk into a booth with the same green screen backdrop and look at a screen where they can see themselves and the other person on the same screen, giving the illusion that they are in the same 'cyber' space.


      Thank you!

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      Sure … Wirecast (a live streaming software product from is designed to ingest a remote camera via skype or even a separate streaming video from another server in near real time.  YOu may have some momentary delay … based on the various protocols.


      I think one way to avoid that would be to just use a separate computer/screen with the person who 'skyped' in and shoot them 'on screen' on a 32 or 40" computer monitor sitting next to the person.


      I think the only way you can create it so that the difference between video originating in point A and point B is to combine that at point C  (something I wouldn't do opting instead for giving preference and quality to the studio shot.)


      For an example check this video at at 1:17 – … it shows four guests and the host with the guests each on separate TVs that sit there as individuals.  The setup obviously switches to the 'individual' feeds when the people are on camera and the 'group shot' is relatively rare.  I haven't reviewed this whole item but they do transpose two individuals as well as screen shots of  programs/web sites.   All this is done via live streaming live as well.


      It is certainly doable and skype is one of the tools but not the only tool  used to do this.

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      Shooting a monitor screen often gives horrible image quality. A far more useful (and better quality) result can be obtained by running Desktop presenter (also downloadable from the Wirecast site) on the Skype computer and ingesting the result on the Skype computer directly via an ethernet patch cable. We use this method not only for capturing Skype footage but also for capturing live PowerPoint presentations during a conference/workshop which is being streamed live.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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