Live recording on a laptop with the Panasonic hpx170

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      I am starting a video teaching ministry and have free access to a church media room that includes a Panasonic hpx 170 camera. If I can avoid purchasing my own f or e series memory cards I would like to do so. My question is, can I record directly to my laptop’s hard drive? I know this subject has been broached before, but all the information is at least half a decade old. When it comes to technology, that is like the difference between Star Trek and Next Generation. Any help would be appreciated.

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      Whether you can record to the HD or not depends on how beefy the laptop is. You must have USB3 to capture video from a camcorder, and you’ll need a capture device. The Avercap U3 device will do the job nicely. I use it and like it.

      If the laptop does not have a higher end processor (Intel i5 or better) sufficient RAM, the laptop will not deliver smooth video.

      Can you post the specs of your laptop (make, model, age, processor, etc)?

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      Can’t speak for USB3, but my macbook is happy connected to my JVC HD cameras via firewire, and I often record direct into Premiere as a direct capture. Works fine – been doing it for years now.

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