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      I’m new here. Not new to shooting or editing but I am about to take on a project that is neither & both of those things and I need some help.

      I am being hired by a performance artist to direct a live video production. I will try my best to describe what is needed.

      There will be 2 cameras (Panasonic GH4s) that she wants projected live during the performance, switching back and forth between one shot to another. It is my understanding that I will need to have an hdmi output switcher in order to achieve that.

      As the controller of the live projections, I will also need to be able to monitor both feeds, which I assume means I will need a separate monitor wired to each camera.

      This already poses a problem because both switchers and monitors use hdmi, not to mention the stress of having so many things hooked up at once. I realize there are fancy shmancy pieces of equipment that can take care of all of this for me but so far the budget is non-existent for this project.

      Another aspect is that the desire is not to have the projections up during the entire performance, only at specific times so I will need an easy/non intrusive way to turn off/on the image.

      Sound is not necessary.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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      Having worked with musicians and dance people, I know they sometimes have champagne dreams but beer budgets. But, you may be able to do this at a reasonable cost.

      You will need a Windows notebook PC, Windows 7 or later, two 3.0 USB ports and two USB capture cards such as this: On the laptop, you will need to install vMix, the free version, to accept the two camera inputs and output through the laptop’s HDMI port to the projector. Free vMix will allow two inputs as well as an ability to record to the hard drive.

      I do a lot of live video streaming but have never used a GH4 for that purpose, so you will need to test this out before committing. Essentially, you will be setting up a 2-camera live shoot. These suggestions will make that possible, but there will be an initial investment unless you can borrow or rent the capture cards and laptop.

      Here’s a good primer video from vMix:

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      Go to an AV hire company and hire the proper kit – a simple switcher, or even better a small portable production unit – often nowadays a 19″ rack with monitors and something like a Black Magic or a Roland/Edirol switcher. They’ll have everything you need – but one absolutely essential feature is comms. You need to be able to talk to the camera people – because they need to know what shots you want. If you rent the kit that works fine – directing can be quite fun. DO NOT attempt to learn the technical aspects, it’s just not important. All the switchers can cut, mix and fade to black. Old technology now really.

      They do this in seminars all the time now – so the firms are everywhere who hire it. Not even that expensive any longer.

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