Live production: cable flexibility problem

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      I am very new to the field and going to start a multi camera live production with following equipments.

      1. Datavideo SE-500 mixer

      2. Panasonic DVD recorder (DMR – EH60)

      3. EZCAP 282 HD (backup recorder)


      Since I wanted a low budget solution, I purchased 50m of 3c-2v coaxial cable to run from camera to mixer. For 50m, no appreciable attenuation happens. But the problem is handling the cable. Cable is not flexible enough to smoothly move the camera here and there. What is the best cabble type to buy? 

      Also I need the computer output to feed via a composite cable.  Do you recommond Mini HDMI2AV?


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      Canare makes excellent cable that is highly flexible and perfect for remotes.


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