Live Play By Play Editing – Please Help!

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      Hi there,

      I need to pool the expertise of the community to understand what software/hardware major sports networks like the NFL use to do their live annotations of plays.

      You know, when they show a play replay using pen stokes and arrows after the play has just occured? Literally live on air seconds after the play has happened to show how the player could have improved the play or what exactly happened during the play?

      Please help!

      Thanks in advance,

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      Telestrator is one brand that is used a lot by the networks. for more info.
      Another is Chyron Paint.


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      What if it’s not a live event? Just want to mark-up a home video to make it more fun. Maybe an inexpensive plug-in?

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      Any paint program that lets you draw an image that can be saved with an alpha channel can be used. Bring that into your NLE and lay it over top of your video, preferably on a frozen frame, or you’ll have to get into tracking the movement which can be a lot of work.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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