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      I'm just starting to get into videography. My main goal is to document family history and make a "living history" that can be enjoyed for the next generations of my family.

      However, I have an opportunity to record and produce the DVD/Blu-rays for my daughter's dance recital. In the past the people have been overexposed and the background underexposed…something I've always complained about. Last year's was better; but I want to outdo that since this is my first time doing it. I've seen some 4k camera's out (Panasonic) that boast HDR in 1080p. It would be awesome to be able to record the video with the people correctly exposed and then boost the background in post to create a more ballanced look. Does anyone have any camera suggestions (I will probably rent) to help deal with a live performance? Would the HDR camera's be a way to go to get it done at the time of recording? Would I be betteroff with a Blackmagic?  Any tips/suggestions would be most helpful.

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      Mike Wilhelm

      I saw the HDR camera demo at CES this year and wasn't super impressed, though their demo on YouTube looks promising.

      Stage performances are difficult by nature because of the dramatic lighting and there's not much you can do about it. My gut tells me you'll have better luck with a Blackmagic, but the workflow will be difficult, and storage will be a BIG problem unless you can throw money at the problem. Since the new Panasonic cameras are pretty inexpensive, you could always buy one at Best Buy, try it out, then return it with the restocking fee if it doesn't work like you want. Not so easy to do with Blackmagic.

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